Healthy Snacks and Beverages

Palmetto Multi-Vend participates in FitPick, a national program emphasizing healthy snack and beverage choices. Healthy snacks and beverages brings a host of benefits to your business and employees. Lower sodium, fewer calories, and less fat helps employees feel better. 

Palmetto Multi-Vend offers Healthy Beverages including sports drinks, diet sodas, iced teas, juices, bottled waters and vitamin waters. We also carry a wide variety of healthy snacks including almonds, pistachios, trail mixes, baked chips, fruit bars, granola bars and fiber bars. Additionally, we provide alternative food products, chips, candy bars, and cookies that have reduced levels of fat, cholesterol, and sodium.    

We provide you with a variety thirst-quenching selections.

We stock your beverage machines with cold, refreshing beverages including all your favorite name brands: Pepsi-Cola, Coca-Cola, Aquafina, Dasani, Gatorade, and Red Bull brands, along with new selections. If there is something special you want included, we will do our best to provide it. Our goal is to deliver solutions to each customer's unique needs.

New items are added monthly while slower moving products are removed, and at Palmetto Multi-Vend each location we serve is treated individually, no two locations are stocked quite the same. In addition to having quality brand name products, we are flexible with our product selection and we personalize our product selection to fit your company's needs. We are dedicated to finding the correct products that meet and exceed your employee’s expectations. This dedication will not only be demonstrated in our service but also with our ongoing commitment to introducing new and exciting items. 

We put a lot of thought into our snack machine selections.

Our clean, modern snack machines are fully stocked with all your brand name favorites including chips, cookies, pastries, breakfast items, popcorn, and healthy selections. When you're hungry, having a Palmetto Multi-Vend Snack Vending Machine in your break room makes all the difference. We will work with you to customize your snack selection, and we encourage your staff to suggest items they might like in the machines. 

Palmetto Multi-Vend Is Your Supplier For Snack Vending! 

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